About Me

I was an investment banker for many years and ran structured products for a bulge bracket Wall Street firm.  In that role I created, among other esoteric products, CDOs and Credit Default Swaps, which would eventual play a role in the real estate debacle that brought the country to its knees. 

But don't go hating me, because in 1999 (way before the stuff hit the fan) I came to the startling conclusion that I didn't want to be an investment banker anymore.  Part of the calculus that went into the decision was this: I have money in the bank and there are starving people in the world.  Can I really say I love my neighbor?  So for several years I looked for more redeeming ways to spend my time.  I taught high school math and learned, much to my dismay, that teenagers weren't interested in being inspired to love numbers.  I also wrote several novels--two of which were published by Ebbing Tide Press--and I kept the lights on by providing consulting services to small banks and credit unions. 

I began writing this blog as a reaction to events that were being supported by Christian fundamentalists, but to me seemed inconsistent with the Savior's teachings

I hope you enjoy it.   Drop me a note if you feel so inclined.