September 18, 2013

Great Idea: Let's Arm Schools

After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, one of the solutions many gun advocates offered to solve the problem of mass killings was to post armed security guards at schools.  In the wake of the most recent shooting in our nation's capitol, it's clear that this is far from a reasonable solution to the problem. 

Facts regarding the tragedy continue to emerge, but two widely reported pieces of information should be noted: 
  • At least one of the twelve who died was an armed security officer
  • The gunman apparently used two firearms that he took from his victims to continue the rampage
Ignoring the cost of the solution, which would be problematic given already stretched budgets, do we make our public places safer by putting them under the protection of armed security?  I doubt it.  The Navy Yard was apparently heavily armed and guns were in the possession of people whom I imagine were well trained.  Yet, some of the weapons appear to have become tools used to murder more innocent victims.  I shudder at the thought of the accidents and deadly crossfire that will occur if schools are similarly armed

For information about the most recent shooting, go to this link

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