December 20, 2011

I Have Another Novel Out!

Thanks to those who have purchased my novel, Autumn Run.  Sales have surpassed the publisher's expectations, which has prompted the early release of my second novel, Wall Street Preoccupied.  As the title suggests, it is timely in that it deals with an issue of concern to many who are dealing with the impact of a struggling economy. 

The following is a synopsis of the book.

When his father dies unexpectedly, high-powered investment banker, Tucker Landis, returns to his boyhood home in Cold Dog, Alaska and learns that he has inherited the family business, a salmon packing facility called Inlet Song. Since the plant is essential to the town’s economy, Tucker is caught between his obligations to a community he left years ago and responsibilities at the New York investment bank where he works.

Tucker chooses to manage the plant until he can sell it, but Inlet Song—and the out-of-work call girls who run the butchering line—are almost more than he can handle. Just as he thinks his career on Wall Street has come to an end, he is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, but before he can accept it, Tucker must answer a question posed by the woman he has loved since childhood.

While you’re off in search of wealth, will you settle for position and money instead?

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