May 26, 2011

Hate and the Westboro Baptists

You've probably heard already, but the Westboro Baptists are at it again.  They're apparently heading to Joplin Missouri to celebrate the tornadoes as God's punishment to a nation of sodomites.  This is the same group that pickets funerals of soldiers and has an agenda of hate that takes aim at virtually everyone but themselves. 

They have deservedly become the most despised people in America, but this is what confounds me: Their doctrine isn't so different than that of mainstream fundamentalists.  The Westboro fringe only go to greater lengths to promote their ideas.  Their leader, Fred Phelps, isn't alone in believing that God causes natural calamities wherever homosexuals are made welcome.  Pat Robertson has said the same thing.  In fact, a listing of Christian leaders who've made similar statements could fill pages.

But is that really who God is?  If so, I would rather not return to a Creator who kills innocent people for acting out on the instincts He imbues into them, but that's NOT who He is.  Summarizing His infinite patience and forbearance, Christ once said: "How often would I have gathered thy children together, even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings." 

That's my image of God.  As for Phelps and the other Westboro Baptists, their hate speaks only of the ugliness they've allowed to fester inside them and not of their Creator.


Jon Johannes said...

Phelps and many more like him take the parts of the scripture they like and their interpretations of it. Then they make that the forefront of their religion and beliefs. When they should take the scripture as a whole, but in doing that it would misconstrue their interpretations. It is easier for them to show their hates by taking those parts to follow and not the bible as a whole.

Martha said...

The group is just one of many that just give Christianity a bad name. The news media likes to lump us all together. The news media should be pointing out that these people are NOT Christians.

Stephen said...

Real Christians need to step up to the plate. Tragic how these groups get so much ink.