March 20, 2011

Why Lyra (my granddaughter) is the Star I Orbit

  1. She does something new every day
  2. Her favorite word is her own invention (A-dee-a!) which can mean anything from "Look over there," to "Hey, that was cool"
  3. Beatles songs make her dance and sing
  4. She drops food on the floor and laughs as the dogs scramble to eat it
  5. She knows all the gestures to patty cake
  6. She thinks "This little piggy" is hilarious
  7. She climbs onto the dogs when they're napping and gives them hugs
  8. She loves blackberries straight off the cane
  9. Sleep is the only thing that can slow her down
  10. When I sing the final line to the lullably, "You're the best little one, ever could be," she joins along, singing, "Beeeeeee" in something resembling harmony


earlie said...

She is old is must be so happy to be her grand Dad.

Alan Bahr said...

Thank you, Earlie. Lyra will be two in just a couple of months.