June 28, 2009

In Answer to WK

WK asked after a previous blog:
What do you think of the Time article entitled The Storm Over the Mormons? I'm interested to know where you stand about the prophet. If Mormons believe a prophet told them to do something, shouldn't they do it, no questions asked?

Let me first say that I read the article. In fact, if you go to the Letters to the Editor section of this week's Time, you'll find my reaction to it. But let me answer in more detail. I completely understand how a member who believes that God speaks through a prophet might feel an absolute obligation to obey his directives. In my mind, however, even if that's what you believe, there are at least two reasons to justify disobedience:
  1. You believe the prophet is in error
  2. You believe living in a manner consistent with the directive is more distasteful than the consequences of disobedience
In my case, I have never been able to accept the Mormon claim that the church is led by a prophet, and since I believe prohibiting gay men and women from experiencing the most love-inspiring of human relationships to be distasteful and contrary to Christ's higher law, the decision to vote against Proposition 8 was easy for me.

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Anonymous said...

I hate the fuss people make over things...

"Why do women not get the priesthood?"

"Why did black men not receive the priesthood back in the days?"

"Why was polygamy allowed at one point?"

"Why did the LDS church leaders claim that stuff like murder was to be allowed on certain occasions?"

"Why does the church have rules against homosexuals?"

"Why does my life suck?"

"Why do people suffer?"

"Why is there evil in the world?"

"Why does Satan exist?"

"Why is the sky blue?"

Listen, ask God, not yourself. Go kneel down and pray to him, and ask him, with all your faith and might, why things are. If you don't receive a serious answer, then just either try again, or give up, that's your own choice. I tried and received answers which not even my own fellow church members understand. And this i know because i remember that little passage in James 1:5-6 which promises us that we will receive wisdom if we ask with non-wavering faith.

I think God's definition of good and bad can change if he wants. He has the power and authority to do it if he really exists, and he already has, he chose to make the Sabbath day special for basically no reason, except that he wanted to. And we're obligued to follow what he says, because he said it. And i wouldn't contradict that, because i am not God's own creator to tell him that. If i create a game, a comic, a software program, it will obey whatever i want it to obey. If i had the power to give my comic characters, my game's tokens, my software's programmed beings the gift of sapience, and they found the fact that i chose that all beings below age 5 lack eyesight a discriminatory act, and rebelled, who's the one that's wrong? Them, or me?

Think about that.

Lustrous homosexuality is a deformation, it is scientifically proven. When it comes to sexual attraction towards the same gender, it's certainly genetic. However, if it's attachment towards them, then it's likely not genetic, but instead a misinterpretation of general love for others, confused with sexual attraction. I know so because at one time i almost came to thinking i might be bisexual, until i discovered the huge difference between the caring attachments i have with not just female, but male friends too, and the sexual attractions i have towards attractive females. Genetic malformities are trials and tribulations, just like the average trial and tribulation. If you think that God has no right in making people homosexual when his own scriptures (Old Testament) later say that such homosexuals should be murdered, you go and ask him for his reasons for playing like that with us. He just does, and i praise him for creating me and making my life enjoyable when i obey him. I want to be like Job, a man who underwent extreme troubles but endured to the end. Not a complainer, because complaining simply leads us astray. Life isn't about what we think is good or bad, it's about what God says is good or bad. And through him i have reached my own conclusions on that matter, and i have a feeling of what it is which is quite clear and inspired.

The simple fact that God condemns adultery and fornication, both which are by nature normal, also explains why he condemns homosexuality, which to homosexuals is as normal as their own gender.

I support, not the prophet, but God. God made it clear that physical homosexuality, that is...the sexual attraction for same-gender individuals...was as incorrect as fornication or adultery. On the other hand, he welcomes us to love each and every individual as friends, a love which often confuses some to think they are actually gay/lesbian when they feel a great deal of care for someone who isn't a family member.

Genetic homosexuality is a tribulation that we can overcome without just justifying it as a right when it has been declared by God to be a wrong. I myself have felt lust and desires which i know are wrong, despite the fact they made me feel great. But if i can overcome them, so can gays and lesbians.

If Job did it, and if Jesus did it, then we all can do it.