February 6, 2009

Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites!

Did you happen to notice where our president had to go to rally his troups last night? After everything our illustrious elected officials have said to condemn lavish junkets made by bankers, what do you think our leaders did? Yup, you guessed it, they gathered at an exclusive resort. As CNN's Campbell Brown said:

Leave it to members of Congress to be completely daft, entirely clueless, and unbelievably out of touch. Seriously, only a member of Congress can make a Wall Street executive seem like a sympathetic figure these days. And boy, do they make my job easy. Yes, while our representatives have been jumping up and down screaming about the excesses of Wall Street, condemning those corporate boondoggle trips to luxurious resorts, what do they do? They all go away on retreat together to a luxurious resort. First it was Republicans, who last week decamped to the lovely Homestead Resort, famous for its golf, fly-fishing, and luxurious accommodations, with its own golf course and five star amenities. Now, in fairness, members do pay for lodging with personal funds or their campaign accounts. But yes, taxpayers do foot the bill for some of the expenses. For example, according to Politico.com, we all paid about $70,000 for Democrats to take the train down to last year's getaway. Then they racked up phone and Internet bills of more than $40,000 on our dime. Not to mention the enormous security costs, which are even higher this year with the president and vice president both stopping by. How exactly in this economic climate Congress could possibly see the need to all go on a spa retreat together is frankly beyond me. Their offices are next door to one another. They see each other every day. Yes, they have important businesses to do on behalf of all of us. But can't they do that in Washington?

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